21st Century Education Talent Recruitment

The 21st century economy has Boomers, Generation X, Generation, Y and Millennials directly competing for many of the same careers. Many Baby Boomers were forced to alter their retirement plans when the crash of 2007-2008 devastated their 401K plans. Generations X and Y are settling into family life, taking on mortgages, and forgoing vacations for extra work hours for fear of being deemed non-essential. And then there are the Millennials who have the distinct advantage to come of age surrounded by technology.
As the economy improves, talent recruiters take to the internet to find their next great hire. The 21st century workplace is immersed in technology with many employees working and collaborating via video conferencing and shared files in the cloud. The talent recruitment process has followed suit. Think back if you can, to the days of resumes typed on cotton resume paper with a mechanical typewriter and sent to employers via US mail. Candidates did their best to summarize their education, skills, talents and value on a single piece of cotton paper. Talent recruiters had the painstaking task to review hundreds of paper submissions in search of the perfect fit.
How many well crafted resumes (with a few white lies) were selected for the interview process and how many talented individuals who were not as adept to crafting a resume did not? How many hours have been wasted on interviews for the resume masters who lack substance? No one knows for sure, but the number of hours and the costs associated with the search process for employers is staggering. But 21st century talent recruiters have become more aware of the advantages of utilizing technology to make the search process far more efficient and effective than years past.
The advent of the electronic portfolio, or e-Portfolio, has caused candidates to up their game. Millennials have a distinct advantage over their Baby Boomer, Gen X and Gen Y competition. Baby Boomers have learned to use technology as a means of survival in the workplace, Generations X and Y are more comfortable users and tend to be a tad more proficient than Boomers. But the Millennials are the generation will continue to transform the talent recruitment process from paper resumes, to black and white text on a computer screen, to social media influenced electronic portfolios complete with documents, slideshows, and videos.
Employers who have embraced the electronic portfolio review process have saved valuable time and money and increased their odds of interviewing a stronger pool of candidates. An e-Portfolio review of candidates’ videos, slide shows, and documents results in a virtual first round that enables employers to select a higher caliber of tech savvy candidates to interview.
Just as the internal combustion engine replaced the horse and buggy, so shall the electronic portfolio replace paper resumes and portfolios. The paradigm has shifted–the influence of technology is inevitable–embrace the 21st century of talent recruitment and explore the advantages of electronic portfolios.

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